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  1. hey jim.. i think it might be better if you use the layer in step 20 and just flatten the image.. for me, the unfocus just makes it too blurry, anyway thx a lot.. great tut
  2. so how I design is I'm looking at the real movie poster.. For man of steel, I had no idea it's abduzeedo's.. But either way, he uses photoshop, and we are paint.net user , right?
  3. thx trevoroutlaw.. some i did, like dark knight rises. but frozen, man of steel, i made it by my own my HULK poster.. a bit fail (helicopter ) but all pdn
  4. FIRST own made movie poster.. FALL.. all pdn
  5. My DARK KNIGHT RISES poster.. all pdn my TRON LEGACY movie poster.. all pdn
  6. i tried that.. i made my picturebucket, and i upload it there.. then i copied the link but i dont know what to press in the reply box on my pictoium...
  7. hey daniels. sorry, yesterday i'm too busy.. i shouldn't have made this before i was ready.. i will upload it soon.. sorry i'm new haha
  8. I'm having trouble with posting my design. now I can't post it yet.. I appreciate your help, thx
  9. hi, im new to this forum, but i had used pdn for 3 years.. i would like to share my redesigned movie poster...
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