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  1. Hi, I've been using this recent beta of Paint.NET 4 for a week on Windows 7 Professional x64 (Italian) and am pretty much satisfied with how it's been working for me so far, except for one issue that isn't present in Paint.NET 3.5: when I try to paste some Japanese text into a text area, I see question marks characters instead of ideograms. My system is properly configured for dealing with the Japanese language and actually if I type Japanese characters directly into a text area in Paint.NET using Microsoft's IME, then ideograms are shown as expected. Any idea? EDIT: the issue affects any unicode characters pasted in Paint.NET... some even seems to get transliterated, for example Ŵ is shown as W and Ō is shown as O. Out of curiosity I tried by pasting the same text in the name property of a layer and unicode characters are properly shown there.