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  1. Yup, I'm sorry, I didn't get any mail. I hope I do now by following this topic (again). I'm planning on fixing this for you, I'll update you guys in this topic! Thanks for letting me know Edit: Fixed
  2. I'm sorry for the late response (I didn't receive a notification mail.. ?) Implementing the ability of uploading to user accounts may actually be a good idea, maybe I'll look into that.
  3. Done! Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Description: This is just a simple plugin for uploading images to It returns the following data: Link to imgur page; Direct link; HTML code for displaying the image; BBCode; Linked BBCode; Deletion link. Imgur Uploader is a multithreaded plugin, written in C# (.NET Framework v4.0). It uses the Imgur API v3. The plugin should be placed in the Effects-folder. There is no need for an imgur account, the images are uploaded 'anonymously'. Imgur Uploader only uploads the current layer to I may change that in a future version. Virus Total: 0/47 Screenshots: As you can see, the image is succesfully uploaded: EDIT: Version 1.1 A preview window has been added: UPDATE: Version 1.4, now compatible with PDN v4 ! Download link >>