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  1. Oh I know they are entirely different compressions. I just somehow got the (wrong) impression that since WebP's around for a long time and with a BSD license, AVIF being based on AV1 was somehow supposed to outperform WebP, not just JPEG or that was the whole point of it. Anyway, WebP has a major Achilles heel - metadata. Google provides no tools for managing or displaying WebP metadata although it is possible and documented. Hopefully due to Microsoft supporting AVIF in Windows, it won't be a problem with AVIF.
  2. Thank you very very much! This is extremely awesome to have a plugin without any Store codec dependency. Although the resulting file size is still larger than the super compact size produced by IrfanView's WebP plugin despite Best compression, 85% quality and Slow compression mode.
  3. @Rick Brewster Actually I am using Windows 8.1 with a Start menu and it has some the modern enhancements of 10 made after 7, while being supported till Jan 2023 and none of the huge forced updates which is why people dislike Windows 10.
  4. Hi @Rene Slijkhuis, would it be possible to update your excellent WIC plugin to wrap/support this HEIC WIC codec: https://www.copytrans.net/copytransheic/ It is free for personal use and at the moment, it seems to be the only freeware HEIC codec for Windows 7/8.1. However it does not work with Paint.net 4.2. I asked Rick Brewster why and he was kind enough to give an explanation. "Every WIC codec has its own rules and bugs and invisible walls that have to be found through testing. Docs no help. For instance, handling metadata looks uniform but has completely different rules and bug
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