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  1. HOW DO I INSTALL Install transparency RGB .dll in windows 10 . it is now an app. I used to be able to locate the folder and install , but now its windowsAPP folder. it doesn't show the same folders now .
  2. how do i install transparencyRGB IN WINDOWS 10 , IT IS AN APP
  3. Hi I have a dpyplugins8.1 plugin and I don't know what directory name I should upload them to effects, file types, and do I upload the folder as well (after un-zipping) ? Thank you in advance
  4. Hi All, I'd like to make a suggestion in relation to installing plugins, Can you please state where the particular file/s has to be copied to. It's a while since I installed plugins and I forget. In particular, the browser plugin, I have put it in the effects, file types and then in the main directory but it is not appearing anywhere. With BaitBolt, there is a very clear instruction and shows where to install it. If plugin developers could just put a note as to which folder it goes into, it would be a great help. Thank you, I really appreciate Paint.net
  5. I bow to greater wisdpm Sorry !
  6. I know I did, But it may be a point of interest to some. I fully agree with what you though. I very rarely see good instruction written
  7. I call it "A Man's Look" You see a Man looks into a crowded drawer and can't find what he is looking for. A woman looks in and instantly finds it. That's because women are gifted by God , They are multi - tasker's , they have this because of rearing children , One child on her arm , one on her leg TRUE ! So that's a new plugin for women
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