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  1. I love the UI text being not anti aliased any more. Panning with middle mouse is so handy. And the custom taskbar image instead of a window thumbnail is really cool. Gets better and better - thank you!
  2. Cool! Looking forward to the next build
  3. I think McLoo meant "cannot scroll". And I see the same here with an alps touchpad which scrolls vertically in Paint.Net but not horizontally. In other apps horizontal works.
  4. For the text tool: look in the command bar: you can disable anti aliasing from the toggle button (third from right, the curved line). Just like Rick said, the text painting tool didn't change but the way the GUI text is drawn.
  5. Update did not work. After the update package was downloaded and started nothing happened. Started paint.net and was still at the old alpha. So I thought uninstall did not work. Manually uninstalled, downloaded the alpha and started the install. Was told that SetupShim could not be written. killed it. Restarted Setup, which hang again with an invisible SetupShim.exe. Rebooted and then the new Setup succeeded. This is on a fully patched Win 8.1 Pro x64. I would still like an option to disable font anti aliasing. Please
  6. Please add an option to disable any anti aliasing in the textual parts like menus, history, layers and so on. These text "optimizations" look just blurry and not sharp to me. So my eyes get tired much faster. That was the main reason for me to almost never use Internet Explorer as a browser, because it made cleartype mandatory since IE9.
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