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  1. @Rick Brewster well maybe I wasn't really clear, I didn't mean different settings between images, I meant different settings between tools for the tools that share setting, like the sampling setting or the color blend setting. it's supper minor, but it would be handy for things like coloring with the refs a layer below or having the magic wand and the square selector have different select types. though I could see this setting being off by default for newer users.
  2. this is a very 1% problem that no one will use, but I was just wondering if it could some day be possible to desync the settings between tools. the personal example I could use this for is the sampling setting differing between the color picker and the fill tool. I would love to be able to pick the color from the current render and fill the current layer without having to change the setting all the time. there could be more areas where this could be useful too.but at the same time I would understand if it was too much hassle for little to no pay off.
  3. @AndrewDavid actually @toe_head2001 suggestion worked perfectly with 1 plugin and all I need to do is remove some junk in the file names. but thanks for trying.
  4. oh thanks that will save me a ton of time.
  5. so I have this idea and I have no clue how it would be implemented. but I was wondering if it could be possible to add the ability to export layers as individual files. could be in any format though I would hope for .png personally.
  6. well it seemed to continue to take it's time when creating layers. though I am pushing it some at the second but it's still not as bad as I've pushed it before.
  7. @Rick Brewster I hope you don't mind I sent my own recording. I hope that's fine.
  8. @Zagna that is very close but it more lags when creating layers and editing them in ways such as turning them on and off.
  9. @BoltBait well I just pasted what Paint.net gave me, which doesn't seem to list my HDD. but this isn't my system. I've watch my memory usage through task manager and even though the program is lagging and freezing the system impact is mimumal, I don't know what's going on. and it's only when changing Layer factors like turn them on and off or creating new ones. at this point, I might need to find a way to back patch or something.
  10. these are my specs and it's on a 400 by 700 image but with a huge amount of layers, like 150 at this point. yeah I now it's a lot and my computer isn't that good but the thing is, this lag is new. pre-patch I could go up to 200+ before things would slow at all. something has changed or broken in this version for me. even smaller projects are showing signs as they grow. Application paint.net 4.1.1 (Final 4.101.6828.39058) Build Date Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Install type Classic Hardware accelerated rendering (GPU) True Animations True DPI 96.00
  11. so I just installed the latest version and there is this strange lag over time with layer heavy projects. I start the large project and over time, using the layers will slowly lag my computer to the point that paint.net has to go unresponsive for minutes at a time. it doesn't even use much possessing power or anything.
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