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  1. yes sir...
  2. hey jim.. i think it might be better if you use the layer in step 20 and just flatten the image.. for me, the unfocus just makes it too blurry, anyway thx a lot.. great tut
  3. I thought trajan poro is a free font.. Because, the real frozen letters are created and copyright by Disney of course. That's why I tried to remake it.. Haha
  4. it is too complicated if i dont explain what is inside each layer.. so i thought the large image would help and it will be more clear when i give you the writing tut per layers... i dont know why that large picture still pixelated.. ki'll try better next time
  5. oh sorry.. because i thought the copyright is not the font, is how they make the ice figure using smudge... sorry
  6. hi.. thx david.atwell... i know about the screenshot, sorry.. because i thought it's a design with many layers n probably it would be complicated if i didn't show all layers .. sorry but thx for the critics
  7. my FIRST tut.. go easy on me <image removed by EER LAYER 1 gradient diamond, noise, gaussian blur LAYER 2 clouds LAYER 3 gradient (primary alpha 0) LAYER 4 Random Shape fill LAYER 5 Random Shape fill (smaller than L4) LAYER 6 collage snowflakes LAYER 7 emboss snowflake L8 LAYER 8 copy snowflakes from internet LAYER 9 brush, gaussian blur (to brighten the title) LAYER 10 brush, gaussian blur (for behind letter 'O') LAYER 11 <no>, gaussian blur LAYER 12 <no>, apply texture (put above the layer and crop the size of <no>), drop shadow white LAYER 13 text TRAJAN PRO 'FROZEN' smudge (ice figure), gaussian blur LAYER 14 text TRAJAN PRO 'FROZEN' smudge (ice figure) LAYER 15 text TRAJAN PRO 'FROZEN' smudge (ice figure), motion blur 90 degrees LAYER 16 text TRAJAN PRO 'FROZEN' smudge (ice figure) LAYER 17 text TRAJAN PRO 'FROZEN' smudge (ice figure), apply texture (put above the layer and crop the size of FROZEN title) LAYER 18 brush, gaussian blur (darken the texture) LAYER 19 emboss from L17 LAYER 20 text ...... black = shadow LAYER 21 text........white (higher than L20) LAYER 22 brush, gaussian blur (detail snow) For layer properties, u can look in the picture.. thx plugins only : RANDOM SHAPE FILL ( ) *alternative* brush 1 by 1
  8. so how I design is I'm looking at the real movie poster.. For man of steel, I had no idea it's abduzeedo's.. But either way, he uses photoshop, and we are user , right?
  9. thx trevoroutlaw.. some i did, like dark knight rises. but frozen, man of steel, i made it by my own my HULK poster.. a bit fail (helicopter ) but all pdn
  10. my KNOWING movie poster... 99% pdn
  11. FIRST own made movie poster.. FALL.. all pdn
  12. My DARK KNIGHT RISES poster.. all pdn my TRON LEGACY movie poster.. all pdn
  13. my MAN OF STEEL logo.. all pdn
  14. my FROZEN movie poster... all pdn