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    Hello and Welcome I've been playing around with Paint.Net for about three years. The bulk of my work is made from fantastic tutorials written by great artists. I may have a few photo manipulations but I credit the majority of my work to the friendly people who make up this forum. A special thanks to Rick for writing this awesome program. Please enjoy and you are welcome to give me your opinion (good or bad). I have been urged to post this video! I was looking for something to do and found Paint.Net. This video was my very first project, before I knew about plugins and before I knew there was a forum that could guide me. I took hundreds of pictures and included the model cars that I built years ago. First I made a gif and got bored with it so I made it into a movie and put in sound effects using Windows Movie Maker.
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    A few fellow forum members suggested I make a tutorial after giving shading tips on a different thread. No plug-ins needed. This will work on colored images as well to accent the highlights and shadows, but I tend to play with it the most on my sketches. First, start with your base image. Add a new layer for shadows and set the Blending Mode to Color Burn Add another layer for highlights and set the Blending Mode to Color Dodge Using a dark gray on the Dodge layer, color where you want highlights. The lighter the color, the brighter the highlight. If it looks too bright, try a darker color. Black will probably not show up at all. I like to lower the hardness of the brush to get a softer edge to help with blending later. If you want distinct highlights, you can try a harder brush. Using a light gray on the Burn layer, color where you want shadows. The darker the color, the deeper the shadows. Use Gaussian Blur to smooth out the shadows. Play with the slider to see what works best for your image. Do the same to the highlights. Using the eraser tool, clean up the edges of the highlights and shadows so they don't creep beyond the borders of your image. If you find a section that needs a bit more adjustment, you can color where needed, use the selection tool to choose just that area, and then blur again to smooth it out. Another option is to reduce the hardness of your brush and adjust the opacity to make it slightly transparent, if you want just a subtle change. And then, you're done! You can adjust the opacity of the Dodge and Burn layers if the highlights and shadows are too bright/dark. This same technique on a colored photo (done quickly for this tutorial, not because my daughter needed any dramatization to her face):
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    Radius Corners This is an continuation of @dan9298's abandoned 'Radius Fill Corners' plugin. See changelog below. Effects -> Stylize -> Radius Corners Features Creates rounded corners on your image at an adjustable radius. Automatically sets the maximum radius size allowed (based on half the size of the shortest side of the canvas); defaults to a quarter size Fill the background with transparency or a custom color Changelog v1.5 by toe_head2001 (Sept 10, 2016) Added: There is now an option for a margin. v1.4 by toe_head2001 (Dec 1, 2015) Fixed: The dynamic values on the Radius slider (Max & Default) now recognize selections v1.3 by toe_head2001 (Feb 28, 2015) Added: Anti-aliasing! Changed: Plugin is now called Radius Corners (the Fill function is not important enough to be in the name ) Changed: Moved to the Stylize Submenu (same reason as above) Fixed: Right and bottom edges were off by 1px v1.2 by toe_head2001 (Feb 26, 2015) Changed: Replaced the old WinForms UI with a fancy IndirectUI one Changed: Replaced the Primary Color & Secondary Color options with a Color Wheel (which defaults to the primary color) Changed: Instead of having the default Radius Size at 50, it is now set to a quarter of the size of the shortest side of the canvas New: Metadata was added for the 'Plugin Browser' v1.1 by dan9298 (Nov 21, 2008) Prevent the radius from exceeding half the size of the shortest side of the canvas v1.0 by dan9298 (Nov 9, 2008) Initial release Download RadiusFillCorners.zip Source Code Source files and Git history
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    Finally finished it!
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    This is a minor update that slightly improves the brush tools, and fixes a few weird issues that some people were seeing. As usual, you can download the update directly from the website, or you can use the built-in updater via Settings –> Updates –> Check Now. Changes: Improved the performance of the Brush tools when antialiasing is enabled Improved the quality of the Brush tools when antialiasing is disabled Fixed: Edit->Paste wasn't working with some images that came from Firefox (as discussed at https://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/111012-not-enough-memory-to-paste-from-clipboard/ ) Fixed: Improved the reliability of Image->Crop to Selection on 32-bit systems. Instead of crashing when it runs out of memory, it will just show an error. Fixed: Reduced crashes when loading UI images caused by an unreliable Windows component ("System.ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid") Fixed: When manually checking for updates in the Settings dialog and the user didn't actually have the necessary security privileges, a crash might result instead of an error dialog. Enjoy!
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    This is a hotfix that fixes a crash in the Magic Wand tool. As usual, you can download the update directly from the website, or you can use the built-in updater via Settings –> Updates –> Check Now. The only change since 4.0.14, which you can read about here, is this: Fixed a crash in the Magic Wand tool if it was used twice in a row with a selection mode other than Replace. Technically, it's not "twice in a row" that causes the crash. It's actually just using the Magic Wand tool, with a selection mode other than Replace, on any selection that is "pixelated". There are two common sources of pixelated selections: the Magic Wand tool, and the Rectangle Select tool. "Pixelated" selections are comprised solely of straight horizontal or vertical segments whose endpoints are at integer coordinates. This distinction is important because there are some great optimizations you can take advantage of when the data fits into this limitation. Sadly, one of my optimizations fell over in 4.0.14. *phew*! Enjoy
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    Shameless act of self appreciation. The year 1998, The TV program Later With Jools Holland, an ambition to appear on the show, a bigger ambition to be sharing a stage with Mike Oldfield. This appearance was just after the Horseguards Parade Premier of Tubular Bells III in London and the 1998 / 99 tour to follow. Great times and a great slice of music too. Yours truly is Stage right on Keyboards. No bells were harmed during the recording of this show.
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    I never did see the statue of liberty. But yes @hippiechos It was meant to use as many colors as I could. Thank you for visiting @lynxster4 You all have better eyes than I do. Here's something new I just threw together with the new filters from PS. Many more to come I'm sure. Working on spaceships and aircraft.
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    Woodsy, you're the Picasso of lumber! I can barely imagine the amount of time invested in such a detailed piece
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    Tutorials used Postage Stamp and Film Strip. Circus animals from 123rf
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    Plugins Used: - Bulletin Board Trim - Drop Shadow - Tube Oblique - Lines/Grid
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    Those are some good wood textures. And they have that dry, dusty look I've seen in western movies. I like the outcome of the grass from both the inn and the train tracks. Finally, I love the shading. It adds more realism, along with the textures. You did well. The piece reminds me of 3D renders. :]
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    This tut seems to be a little short on images. My first try with the HighPass Plugin. Brings life to a google pic.
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    That's amazing, @Woodsy!
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    Talk about detail! Excellent work @Woodsy Truly a great piece of artwork you should be proud of.
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    Woah - that's just beautiful Woodsy!
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    @Whirl and @Ego Eram Reputo Is this the technique in question? (Video made by TECHPECK) @AndrewDavid I think that's the shortcut for merging down layers.
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