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printing by the inch

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I recently spent some time making bookmarks on Paint.Net and wanted to print them 7 by 2. So, I changed the print size to that, but when I printed them they came out 8 1/2 by 2 1/2.

I thought it might have something to do with printing all three on one page, so I printed one out by itself, effectively using my last piece of photo paper. But that still came out too big.

Why wouldn't it print by inch? Is it something to do with Paint.Net or my printer?

I would have resized and tried again, but I didn't have any more of that nice paper. Though that's what I get for not doing a test run on regular paper. And I couldn't resize because the text on the bookmarks would have been skewed.

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ok just calm down and tell me something, when you created your file to start working on your bookmark which dimensions you chose? and another thing did you leave all the other settings on that window as they were or did you alter them? if you did please describe what you did on the new file creation

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I was working in pixels until I measured out my bookmark and the started working in inches. I'm pretty sure that was before I started adding on more layers, but I'm not sure.

And yes, I printed straight from Paint.Net.

To print everything all at once, I put them onto one work and printed it as one, but kept their dimensions.

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