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Very large images


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Hi all

First I want to thank you for this great tool and for make it an open source.

I really get into the source code and it's great.

The problem that I want to talk about it, is that when I create very large image let's say 8000X6000 image and zoom in to 800% with grid view ON,

The image will be viewed in very odd manner, the canvas is partially visible.

I tried to figure why that happened and found this problem:

In "PaintDotNet.SurfaceBox.OnResize" method

When we zoom in for 800% the SurfaceBox control extents have to be 64000X48000 but Windows forms clamp control's width and height to 32767 unit so you recalculate the zoom factor and fix the width or the height again, the first problem is that I can't view large images and zoom in enough to work with pixels in the grid view and second there is a bug in another place produce the strange manner of the view.

I think that it's better to use custom virtual image viewer that can have virtual extents and view part of the zoomed image instead of depending on WinForms scrolling technique to do that.

Sorry for may bad English.

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