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Files entirely/partially obscured

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I've been using Paint.NET for a few months now, and have found it's ease of use bleedin' fantastic. Though of late I've been encountering a problem. While attempting to edit the textures of a game (perfectly legal, the game in question being Mount & Blade by TaleWorlds) I've found that almost all files are either partially or completely obscured by a layer of what appears to be transparency pixels - as such I can't really do anything with them. The files are all of the DDS format. Is this a bug, a common problem, or am I just missing something that should be obvious? I should probably point out that this game is in essence made to be edited by it's players, and nobody else on their forums seem to have encountered the same problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Ya game modding is common. I do levels for the Call of Duty games and remeber my time working with DDS textures. That was before they started making there own format called iwi. Anyway make sure your settings are right for DDS. Like aphla blend is set right. The saving format is set right (I Know that was a main problem in CoD were it had to be DTX5 or something).

hope that helps. It got to the point that I just saved all my images to png and then used DDS Converter 2.0 to make my dds files.

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