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Grafix? - DPI-Pixel-Printing

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I have some background files. I notice when I print, the pattern that I see in the original background file on the monitor does NOT show in the print out. The background just looks all of one color....beige

In this file the:

DPI: 150

Pixels: 1800x1800 or 12x12"

I went into P.Net setup my new page to 300 dpi. Page size: 11x13" (3300X3900)

then imported the background till it filled the whole page. I know not to stretch grafix.

I set my printer to print at high resolution. Paper size: 8.50x11"

The printed background just looks of a solid beige. You can not see the pattern in background in the print out.

I just printed the original background file without any grafix, photos added to file & I can see the texture in print out.

Why would it hurt to import a background into a bigger layout/page size would make that much of a difference in quality of the print out?

Am I going wrong in that I did not convert background to 300 dpi before importing it into a new file/layout?

Does the dpi of both new file I create in P.Net & what I import, must be same dpi in order to get good print?

I will attach a sample of original background file & dpi of this file is/was 150.

I am confused..........


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Ok guys....I don't understand dpi & pixels & what files I have to keep. Many different softwares handle things differently. I am learning at this time the ins & out of Paint.Net.

I found out if I use my original background file & not import it into a new layout, it prints better quality. Good thing as I am saving myself alittle extra work the way I was doing things.

Thanks anyway for the help. I know it was a hard question to answer.

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