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Cannot open images

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Paint.net has served me flawlessly, let me say that first... until today :(

Firstly, can someone do something about the colors used on the anti-spam code thing on registration? I'm a bit color blind and it took me ten minutes to get it right :)

Now to the issue...

P.net has recently (today) begun not being able to load up larger images (not sure the threshold, but for sure, anything over 3mb images will not open), the system just hangs there trying to open..forever; No error code is implied or given.

This is possibly an issue on my end. I did uninstall the most recent build of this to see if the beta version would "fix" the problem, however even the beta version is doing the same thing.

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Can we get some info from you on your computer.

What is your CPU, RAM, OS, Hard Drive, Video Card ?

Is it only the same 3 images or any 3 images ?

Have you tryed opening each image to make sure that it not a problem with one of the images not being able to load in Paint.NET ?

How big are the images ?

Sorry I don't got an answer to your problem but like most things with computers you need to do some troubleshooting before you can find out what the problem is.

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