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My fonts aren't available!! Oh No!

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I think Paint.net doesn't support Adobe Type 1 fonts at all. And even if you have Adobe Type Manager or ATM Deluxe installed (which can be disturbing if you have plenty of those fonts and only work with that... like me).

I think it might come from dev kits they use, which don't make room for supporting those fonts (I read something like that once on the forum, but I can't remember).

I know some programs/software that have the same problem too (Photo Filtre for example), while some really old ones (Paint Shop Pro 4) do support them, even in Windows XP.

Edit: Yay! I found out where the problem was. GDI+ doesn't seem to support Adobe Type 1 fonts or Open Type fonts with Postscript outlines:

Just to let you know - I found out that the problem is actually a generic GDI+ thing. The font is an OpenType font with Type1 outlines, and this is not currently supported by GDI+.

(well, sorry for bumping that old topic... but I think the answer should be brought once for all)

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