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Question about the magic wand tool

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I've been following several tutorials from this forums and in many cases I was tasked to outline part of the picture with the line/curve tool and then select the content using the Magic Wand tool...

Well when I try to do that, only the similar colored part inside the contour is selected, not the whole outlined part... which is what this tool is supposed to do, isn't it? If I increase the tolerance then parts outside the contour are selected as well! So... what am I doing wrong? am I missing something? :(

I ended up using the lasso tool to do that. :|

Finally I was tasked to use the "feather" to soften the borders (??) what / where is that tool? is that a plugin? I have the spanish version but I can't find anything similar (feather=pluma). What's the equivalent menu tool in the spanish translation?

Thanks for your help and please don't be so nasty with me if this has already been asked, but the number of threads in these forums is overwhelming for a newbie!! :oops:



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