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Layers and Thanks!

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First... just a quick but sincere Thank You, to the devs AND all who take so much time to help here.

This program is amazing and I for one am grateful for all the efforts to keep improving it!

Now... layers.

Should the "general" background color always be in the first layer only?

And does that mean subsequent layers should be transparent other than objects placed or drawn in them?

I realize this is a bit vague... but my point is: do we add extra "weight" to a file by having background in multiple layers, and does it make it harder to cut-out/paste objects if you must capture part of an image with the "wand"?

Thanks again folks!

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Adding layers only increases file size in file types that support layers (.pdn, .psd, etc.). Everything else just flattens the picture and the size remains the same as if there were only one layer.

To explain how layers work.


The red square is drawn on a lower layer, green over it, and blue on the top.

As you can see, the green covers most of the red, and the blue covers some of both of them.

I've taken those same layers and angled them differently to give you a different aspect of how they work towards each other.


(The 3D effect was added to give a sense of depth.)

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