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Feature requests: Array/Tile & Shift+mouse=constrained move.

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Scenario: I want to start with a blank A4 size image, draw a 35mm diameter circle, select that circle and end up with grid of 7x5 or 5x7 circles.

Request 1 (specific to this problem): An 'array' or 'tile' tool (i.e. offset copies of a selection in one step) would be really useful. A few workaround solutions have been suggested with perhaps the The Photo Flood Fill plugin coming closest to a solution, but it requires a 'starter image'. I'm looking to make an arbitrary selection and 'flood' (i.e. repeat) that selection.

Request 2 (related, but with potentially wider use): Shift+mouse = constrain 'move selected pixels'/'move selections' orthogonally and to 45degs.

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The first one can be solved like this:

Open the A4 template.

Add a new layer.

Draw the circle.

Use Layers->Rotate/Zoom

Turn Tiling on.

Adjust until you are happy.

I would say for the L->R/Z bit, make the circle as big as the whole page, then open R/Z, turn tiling on and use the zoom feature until you have enough circles.

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