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407 proxy authentication error on auto-install update

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3.08 was able to discover there was an update available to 3.10, but was unable to auto-update. The error message was HTTP 407, Proxy requries authentication.

This seems to suggest Paint.net is sending different HTTP headers to IE.

I can't recall if the error message had a link to the download page. It'd be friendly if it did.

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Are you trying to update at home ?

A 407 error happens when the user (you) are behind a proxy server or have a proxy setup and running. So whats really happening is the download is trying to download to the proxy IP and not you. This is why Paint.NET knows there an update as the proxy forward it to the IP of your computer. However the proxy can't forward the live update.

This is not really a Paint.NET error but a problem with your proxy server setup, even then it not really that as a proxy is trying to protect you in a way.

You can find more information about this by typing 407 error in google.

You will have to fix it on your end. But what I would do is go to the site download page and download 3.10 in a .zip folder. Once I got it downloaded and know that the proxy never blocked the .zip download, I would uninstall 3.08 and then install 3.10 by hand.

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Thanks for the response. I'm at work. We have a proxcy appliance, and although I have the passwords, it's not my area to go playing with.

I have no problems downloading the zip via IE. Seems to me that Paint.Net should be able to, too. I don't know if it's not using the proxy settings from Internet Options (okay, technically from the registry, but you know what I mean), or if it's not authenticating properly.

Which really means, I still think it's a bug :)

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