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Image processing theory source


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You may want to look in the next university library, but be warned: most image processing algorithms have roots in signal theory and are heavily math-based, so some basic understanding of that might be helpful. For specific problems I found Wikipedia to be a pretty good source of a rough overview; again, heavily math-based with most algorithms.

Another option would simply be to ask here in the forums, if you have a specific problem. More than one person here has written an effect plugin and might be able to help.

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Thanks for the information and the warning. Considering I develop applications for a living learning something new, especially new math, is not that scary. Difficult maybe, but those are the challenges we live for.

This all started when an online photo challenge mentioned duo-tone. I figured I would try to create my own plug-in based off of the sepia effect. The problem is that reading the code is one thing, understanding the effect of things like gamma on levels and desaturation are things that are out of my normal realm. I'm kinda flying blind.



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