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Feature OLE format changer

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i have an little problem. i have to make some optimized exel sheet templates.

in the old templates are ole objekts which link to ms paint jet to insert an picture

the problem is the pictures must insert with copypaste from clipboard and the format is bmp.

so jet i want do an great hack ;) i want change the programm to paint.net but first there is no support for ole

second it should change the format automatic if an picture is insert to my favorite format like jpg or png ... i know its not so easy to make support for this but i hope anyone can help me and it would be an great feature because no programm can do this and i think there are much people which use ole to insert pictures which must autoresized and so on for easy insert

if no one has interrest i hope someone can give me little help where i can found information about this

PS Paint.net is realy good its one of my favorite programms because its open source


no one want this feature ? if not is it possible to get this as an plugin or like that. is there no coder who can help me? i havent an c# coder how can make this but ole can used in openoffice

i know there is an c++ lib for ole at source forge if this help someone

and to change the picture format like from bmp to png it should be possible without user interaction to make an entry for preferd file format to use like *convert always to this file format* or so or anything like this

or an feature which is used in notepad++ for log the work and make them per shortkey much more ofen

i hope all understand my bad english ;) english is not realy my native language but i give my best.

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