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I'm having an issue recoloring .DDS files?

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Hello, I'm new

I'm familiar with recoloring, but not with paint.net, or this issue

when I edit the dds file, from red to blue, it shows in paint.net as blue, and when I see it in a folder, it is blue.


But if I put the file(s) in a folder, and view the folder from the outside, it shows as red..

in the game I want the files in, it also shows as red..


When I edited these files, all I did was hue them from red to blue, change opacity, and save as DDS explicit



In paint, and the file folder, PARTICLES, they are blue.


This is how the files look from outside their folder, also in game, which is my issue(where my cursor is pointing):



I guess my other 2 images are too large..


I'd appreciate any help, thanks.

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