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32-bit BMP plugin and paint.net 4.0.

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Hello, today I needed to edit some 32-bit BMP files (bitmaps with alpha channel) and while paint.net opened them perfectly (i.e. transparency was displayed as expected) when saving the file transparent pixels became white, the BMP went to be 24-bit.


Looking for a fix I found somebody wrote a plugin back in the day for the 32-bit BMP format but it doesn't seem to work with the new version (haven't tried with the old one though).


Since the source code was published along with the dll and pdb of the plugin it would be possible to update it and build it again, but I have no knowledge of C#. Could anybody do it please?


As a side note, since opening a 32-bit BMP seems to work fine in paint.net, may I suggest adding the possibility to save in 32-bit BMP format in a future release?


Thank you for the time anyway.


PS. My browser is acting up (IE11) and I can't seem to be able to paste or add a link to the post... I'm writing by hand, there could be a typo: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/11201-alpha-32bits-bitmap-support-for-paintnet/


EDIT: I forgot to post here the error I'm getting... it's attached to the thread now.

Error when saving.txt

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