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Unwanted pixels on the outside of my picture

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Is there a way to defringe the pixels like I've seen in photoshop? (only know this because I was googling how to do this on paint.net, and came across this)





So is there a plugin or advanced way to do this that doesn't include me clicking magic wand 5 milion times?

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Thanks, with that I was finally able to outline my picture after spamming that plugin, and make this avatar/signature. For now since it's a box it'll be my avatar for another website, but I may open it again and expand it. :3


Feather I've tried before, but that other one is really good, you can't see t pixels at all on my outlines




Taken with gyazo, so ignore the grey background


Thanks again~ :3


Also the name is pronounced like Dreydragon, or Draydragon :P


My favourite color just happens to be blue anyways

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