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Feature Suggestion: Relative Canvas Resizing

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I would like to suggest a simple feature for a future version of Paint.NET: relative resizing of canvases and images.


For example, in the Cavas Size window, under the Pixel Size section, there would be a checkbox labeled "Relative". When checked, the numbers in the 'Width' and 'Height' fields would be added to the current size of the canvas rather than becoming the new absolute size. So, if the current canvas size was 100x100 and you did a relative canvas resize of 50 width and -50 height, the new canvas size would be 150x50.


I don't really think of this as a make-or-break feature or anything, as it only saves users the minor hassle of having to bring up a calculator to figure out their new absolute size. However, for someone (like me) who frequently resizes a canvas by small increments, it would be really convenient! 


Thanks for considering & I will still love Paint.NET whether this feature is added or not. : ) 



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