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Paint.net periodically locks up, but unfreezes shortly after

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Every once in awhile, when I'm using Paint.net, the program will lock up. When this happens and I look in the task manager, I can see two duplicate entries for Paint.net in the Applications tab. The program will eventually start responding again on its own, but I can force it to start responding again by right-clicking one of the entries in the Applications tab and selecting Bring to Front.

My system has a Pentium IV with Hyperthreading, 1gig of RAM, plenty of hard drive space, and the .NET 2.0 framework installed.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this problem has to do with the Hyperthreading. I have this problem with lots of applications, such as the GIMP and pre-2.0 versions of Firefox, but this problem only occurs in a Windows environment (i.e. when I run the GIMP or Firefox in Linux it works fine).

If anybody has any idea how to fix this or needs any additional information, ask and I'll tell to the best of my knowledge.

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