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Paint Fails to Launch - "Window class name is not valid"


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I thought I would put this on the forum even though I managed to fix the problem, as it may be of use to others.

On 16/Nov/2012 Paint crashed on launch - pdncrash.log was emailed to 'crashlog@getpaint.net' as instructed. Since I received no response I eventually did some digging on the Forums.

After downloading the latest version, uninstalling my version, repairing .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (because installation failed) and installing Paint it still failed to launch.

The first line under Exception details was:

"System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Window class name is not valid."

so I searched on "Window class name is not valid"

I found a thread from 2009 describing the same symptoms; the culprit turned out to be a process called "LVCOMSer" (Associated with Logitech webcams). I checked but did not have this process running, but I did have one called "LVCOMSX". After checking that it was not an essential process, but that it also was associated with Logitech webcams, I stopped it. Paint launched properly.

I understand that lvcomsx will probably run again next time I start up but that there are ways to kill it for good, although it may affect operation of the webcam. More info here http://www.file.net/...vcomsx.exe.html

I have attached the pdncrash.log (as a .txt file)

I hope this helps



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