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Localizability bugs & questions


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a friend of mine has localized Paint.NET into Lithuanian (see here). During this process, a few localizability problems/concerns have surfaced. Since I don't like the idea of polluting a language-specific topic with locale-independent stuff , I'd like to list those concerns here. I think this would be a good idea for others to add their concerns under the same topic too.

Here's the list:

1. Question: are the terms Color inversion and Negative synonyms in Paint.net or not? Here's what we found in Paint.net documentation:

Invert Colors

This adjustment is very similar to a negative of a photo. Applying it a second time produces the image again.

Does similar mean exactly the same here or not? If not, then maybe someone could explain the difference between those terms? The problem is that we are unsure whether or not the word Negative is an acceptable translation to the name of the Color inversion adjustment.

2. Is there a process to become an official locale (that is, to have our language file bundled in the official installer)? I can hardly imagine Joe Average who is not very good at English browsing for his locale files in forums and then copying some files directly into a Program Files subfolder. I'm afraid such scenario isn't very likely...

3. In our language, we need more space for the words "Name" and "Opacity" in Layer properties dialog. How could we achieve that?

4. For better localization, it would be great to make either all or no key names localizable in Paint.NET source. Right now it seems that only a few names in the keyboard shortcuts are localizable, which leads to a little mess. Here's a screenshot showcasing an official German translation:


As you can see, it has some occurences of Ctrl translated as STRG, and others not.

By the way, you could probably just take key names from the keyboard layout driver (or perhaps from the OS itself). I know that at least EmEditor (an old freeware version I have here) and Miranda IM take the key names from the layout driver. I don't know if it's possible in .NET apps, but maybe it is?

5. In Lithuanian locale, decimal separator is a comma, not a dot. It would be great if Paint.NET formatted numbers according to the OS settings.

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