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birthday invite w/pictures

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I'm quite new to the program, so be gentle. :)

I'm trying to put together a birthday invitation and I'm wanting to add a couple of pictures onto the main background and information. I've figured out how to "import from file" the picture, but when I try to move it, the outline moves, but the picture doesn't.

I've tried both "move selection" and "move selected pixels" and the same thing happens. the outline of the photo moves, but the actual image doesn't.

How do I get the photo placed somewhere other than the top left corner??

Thanks so much!

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It could be that you're working on the wrong layer when you try to move the picture. If you're new to layers, basically think of them as transparency slides stacked on top of one another. The import from file tool (I'm assuming you're getting it from the menu "Layers->import from file") puts the photograph on a new layer, above the background. If you look in the little layers window (it's in the bottom right corner of the screen by default) you should see two layers after you successfully import a layer from a file. The one that's blue is the selected layer. Anything you do with the tools will affect that layer only. Make sure when you move the photo that you have the proper layer selected. Depending on size, you should be able to see which layer is the right one by looking at the thumbnails in the layers window.

Hope that helps!

Let me know if it doesn't

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