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Merge Layers

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Would it be possible to implement a feature to just merge a layer down? Sometimes it's useful for me to merge some temporary layers once I'm done using them so that I don't have too many layers around to confuse me, but I don't want to completely flatten the image either.

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I'd second this one as well.

Very useful if you have aligned a couple of images / text items and you then have to move them somehwere else in the image - ideally, what you want to do is merge the layers together and then move the unified layer.

Also simplifies your image by reducing an unnecessary layer.

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I third this one. Even with pixel work, cutting and pasting temp layers into permanent layers can be a hassle because any supposedly transparent sections that remain from the temp layer erase what is there on the permanent layer. Still worth working around, but I would like to see this feature as well.

*edit* Ne'r mind! Now that I know about hitting select with the magic wand tool, I can cut and paste without losing any of the non-contiguous stuff. But I'd still like to be able to flip selections...

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