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Right click Menus - Brush Size

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I've been playing around for Paint.NET for a bit now and let me just say I'm very impressed. I just have a few suggestions (which I'll use one thread each) that might help speed up the image editing process (or at least, they would help me out). I read through a lot of the feature suggestions and also didn't see these on the roadmap, so I hope this isn't repost.

Would it be possible to have the right mouse click activate an in-place menu when clicked for certain tools? For example, if I have the brush is selected and I right click somewhere on the canvas, would it be possible for a quick brush size selector menu to appear?

This is something that I found extremely useful in other image editing programs, as it would let me quickly select a large brush size for erasing, and then reduce the brush size quickly for creating shapes and lines. Having the brush size selectable as a slider would also quicken the process.

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