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Help with Lulu.com cover templates

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I am creating a very simple cover for my book project using the front cover template from Lulu.com. Lulu's instructions are to: "lock" the template, and add a new layer within the bleed cut-off zones. I am having trouble doing so. First, I cannot lock the template layer. Secondly, when I add my image as a new layer, the template layer shrinks. When I try to resize the new image to 'match' the two layers, nothing happens. I need to be able to fit the new layer inside the template borders.

How do I

*lock the template layer?

*resize my new image layer to fit within the template borders?


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I'm also using Lulu for my book publishing (what a lovely coincidence) and I'm just using trial and error; I now have a fully functional cover, exactly to my needs, and I didn't have to use the template at all. I'd recommend that you do the same, to be honest; it's nice and easy.

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