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Feature request: Guidelines

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In the past year or so i've gotten into webdesign, thus i spend a lot of my spare time on sites like css-tricks.com Today i watched a video of his where he was creating a mock-up for a site design. Since he's a professional developer he has his own copy of that Uber Expensive program called Photoshop, I do my best keeping up with my powerful, free, non-uber expensive software (Thanks For That!). Long story short-ish, He uses the guidelines found in Photoshop a lot to help position things where they need to be on the screen. I thought this feature would be very nice on PDN.

Some things to keep in mind:

It would be nice to be able to have the guideline follow your cuser untill you click, thus you can line it up with say a block of text and have it show where to place that other block

Another nice feature of the feature would of course be to turn it off and on much like one would a layer


Jeremy Carlsten

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