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Making Paint.NET into a portable app


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Did you know that Paint.NET can be run from a USB pen drive with no need to install it onto your Windows PC.

This allows you to have it with you always and use it on other machines that may not have an internet connection.

I find this method ideal with todays fast and large pen drives, or you can simply run it off a CD, most friends who see it imediately want a copy.

Now how to do it the easy way.

You will need http://legroom.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=Open_Source&file=index&page=software&app=uniextract (free)

This will allow you to extract PaintDotNet.msi from the installer.

Extract this further using uniextract and you will have a folder PaintDotNet with the app in it.

Delete the copy of PaintDotNet.msi that is in this folder.

Now copy the complete folder to your pen drive and launch PaintDotNet.exe

If you use a portable app front end ie PStart then you can add the app to this and launch it from there.

It does add a registry entry when first run on a PC, so is not a true 100% portable app, but I still think it is better like this as it preserves the directory structure based on the machine it is run off (Basically it won't try opening a non existent drive),so if round a mates, you have got the app with you.

Total size, 9.78MB

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