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File save and copy into new file

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Hi, starteed using Paint and love it until yesterday when..

I create a box 300px by 300px white background

1. Add layer, name layer as title, enter text 14pt

2. Add layer, name layer as values, enter text 10pt

3. Draw a line 3pt

4. Add a layer, name layer as contents, enter text 10pt

5. Draw a line 1 pt

6. Add layer, name layer as warning, enter text 9pt

7. Save all name as mock NFT.pdn

Ok this far.

Ctrl Copy

open existing 454px by 300px white background file and

Paste Ctrl V

Problem starts

Only one layer and no white background copy into the new 454px x 300px box

Suggestions?? Have tried it over twice on two different days. Cheers Zookeeper

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