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X-Y co-ordinate plotter Macro HELP PLEASE!

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Hi all,

I've been looking everywhere for this type of macro for ANY Program (whther it is Paint.Net, Photoshop or Fireworks!) - I don't mind scripting it but I don't know how!

Simply put, I want the script to do a few simple things...

1) Whenever the cursor clicks on a certain X,Y coordinate on an image (you can view the co-ordinate from the 'info' pallete), it will copy the x, and y co-ordinate

2) It will take the x co-ordinate and put it in a simple string xP*X/1000 -> The X represents the x co-ordinate it would grab from the co-ordinate I clicked on in step 1.

3) Do the same process for the y-coordinate, but use the string yP*Y/1000.

4) Copy's to a clipboard, or better yet, copies it directly into a notepad/text. Somewhere I can see it in text :P

Thanks :D

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