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Render with GPU?

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Hi all. I'm rather new here, but I have been using Paint.net for quite a while now and I've gotta say this is one excellent app!

I really have two questions tho, so here goes:

I was wondering if there was any way as to use the GPU to do the rendering effects cause I've got a Geforce 6600 256mb and I was wondering if I could put that GPU to use here.

The other question is is there a way to force and specify the number if threads on non multicore/multicpu systems? I have done a series of tests on many single core systems and have seen improvement in performance with multiple theads dispite having only single cores. Of course, it is not THAT significant of an improvement (anywhere from 3-20%, but the average is only 7%) and I think choking something in the background, but still it would be nice to test and see if I can gain anything there.

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