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My Paint.NET v3.5.1 freezes after saving .gif file


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I just installed the new Paint.NET v3.5.1. I did not reboot yet. I open a .GIF file by dragging it into the app. I do a Hue / Saturation manipulation and try to save it as a .gif file. I apply the default proposed settings in the Save dialog. After that, Paint.NET freezes. I must shoot it down using the task manager. At one instance, it strangely enough created another shortcut on the desktop to Paint.NET while saving instead of creating the .gif file.

Opening a .jpg file, manipulating it, and saving it works.

I removed all plugins, but it didn't help. I'm using Windows Server 2008 running as a non-administrator, but I'm allowed to write to the intended destination. If there is anything I can do to provide more information, let me know.

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Ok, I rebooted, I still have the problem.

I found there is no problem with other .gif files, at least when created by Paint.NET.

I have attached the "guilty" .gif file. Open it, and save it again using another name, and hopefully someone can reproduce that it will freeze.

I'm using the 64 bit edition of WS 2008.


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