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Show pixel RGB value under cursor in mode line

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It would be a great and useful feature to show the current pixel's RGB value (i.e. the pixel under the cursor) in the mode line, just like the current x,y location is shown. Just show the pixel value that *would* be entered into the color picker if you chose the color pick tool and clicked, but have it always update. (I know there's been some discussion about whether it would show the current layer or the total overall pixel value; seems like either one's OK but the color you actually *see* is the best. I think that's what you get when you click the eyedropper tool too.)

I use Paint.NET for image analysis and testing, and knowing what colors are in an image is really important! Having to select the color as the primary/secondary before you can see what it is is kind of painful.

(PS: sorry for posting this to a dead thread first. Someone pointed me to the rules, hence I'm now starting a new thread for it.)

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