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Errors while extracting the installation file


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I use alzip to extract my files.

I tried to extract the installation file of paint.net but this is what I got:


It does extract though but when I try to run the installer.exe it says it's not a valid win32 application.

I'm running windows vista home basic.

I tried redownloading it from several mirrors. That's why you see the "overwrite"

I've seen this thread:


but it only says "it worked after a dozen attempts"

I tried the rest of the things that are in that thread.

My internet connection itself is fine, I can download anything. Big files, small files, all without any problems.

Which exclude this thread too:



The same thing happens on my wired computer. So now I've tried on my laptop and on my wired pc.


I can use the 3.35 version... I hope I can update it to 3.36...

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