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Recolor and Alpha Brush constant click problem

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I posted this problem before but this time I'm including a video to hope to describe my problem. The short explanation is that when I use the recolor and brush tools, when holding down the mouse button it acts as if i am clicking over and over continuously. To describe what's going on in the video. First, I use the recolor tool with Green as the Primary color and Orange as the secondary color to be replaced. With 20% tolerance I use the recolor tool and the correct section of orange is recolored correctly. I then boost the tolerance to 30% and make a circle under the first one. You can see a larger part of the yellow is effected and it is done the same way as the first recoloring, but now there is a bright green bar near the red. This is because when that section is recolored, the new color is too close to the original Secondary orange color and it is effected again. So while the orange/yellow part is recolored once correctly with one click, that orange/red section is recolored twice with the same click. Boosting the tolerance to 40% shows that then the whole circle is recolored twice to bright green instead of only once to match the section above it. The same effect happens when using the brush tool with the light blue and low transparency-alpha. A few clicks shows how I think the tool should work where the section is effected normally by the tool (It is effected twice like the recolor but the effect is close enough to normal for the sake of argument), but once I start to drag the mouse around it seems that for every pixel the cursor moves, the brush acts like another click so just moving the mouse a little bit makes enough uses of the tool that it forms a solid color. Is this normal or should holding down the mouse have only one instance of using the tool until it's let go?

the video:


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