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Request a bevel Effect

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am looking forward to the availability of a bevel effect that can cover a larger area than say just a thin outline. one with the color options is very appreciated .  it may be that a larger area is not covered as it was by an older version of the effect, since the cpu may not be as fast as a newer one, not sure. Am however very appreciative for the hard work and care that has gone into what is already available. Thank you All

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For those who are having problems using Bolt Bait's Bevel Selection, I can guarantee that he has done a perfectly great job with this effect. It may be that if your PC is a few years older as is mine  then perhaps it does not accelerate the effect as a newer pc or generate maybe is the correct way to put it, i am not certain and  if you are having this issue with getting the bevel effect that you desire, what i tryed is this and it worked perfectly. Go to your paint.net Settings and go to Graphics.Change your option to choose between latency (battery life) and performance.And  choose performance. Hope this helps. It worked for me and The Bevel is now perfect.



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