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suggestion: info window (or color status)

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I miss the Info window from Photoshop and other graphics packages.

Just a simple window that displays the color currently under the cursor, and the X and Y coordinate (and width and height of selection) in whatever units are currently used for the document.

It could dock above or below the History window.

Alternatively, just add another box to the status-bar in the lower-right corner, showing RGBA (switchable to HSVA and hex+alpha) ... this would pretty much achieve the same thing :-)

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If you need to find out a particular colour you can use the colour picker. The cursors co-ordinates can be found in the lower right hand side of the screen, under the layers menu. :)


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I know - in Photoshop (and others) you can find this information readily available at any time, without having to switch tools. It's handy for technical purposes - like examining transparency levels and the exact colors of gradients, when working on things like tiny icons (pixel work) or when optimizing images...

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