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Pen Error

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When I use my drawing pen before, it worked fine with nice pressure sensitivity, however after I updated my computer the pressure sensitivity stopped working when I drew with my Inspiroy 640p tablet. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver and restarted my computer more times than I could could and the pressure sensitivity still would not come back. Even if I draw with this problem going on, Paint.net violently lags at times.


I always have Windows Ink and Pressure Sensitivity Settings on.

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To let people know I have Windows Ink enabled even though Pressure is still not working
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6 minutes ago, Tactilis said:

In paint.net, do you have  :Settings: Settings -> Pen & Tablet -> Windows Ink checked?


Do you see laggy drawing when using the pen in other apps?



I always have Windows Ink checked on both paint.net and the tablet driver yet pressure sensitivity doesn't happen.


It works on other apps, I tried it on Krita and it works fine though I dont get why Paint.net isn't working correctlyimage.thumb.png.f3c658095ae45a030b916e6afcdb2cbf.png

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