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Image scrolls sideways with no input from me.

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I have no idea if what is causing this is me accidentally turning on a setting. I've been looking this up for an hour and no one seems to have had my problem.

The Problem is when I zoom in or out of my image and I'm able to scroll up or down, left or right, the app just scrolls on it's own specifically to the left. This is happening with no input from me. In fact, when I hold Shift or Ctrl or hover mouse over the scroll bar, layer, history, tool, or color window it stops and immediately keeps on moving once it leaves those areas. No, my mouse wheel isn't broken I've been testing with various different apps to see if the same error occurs, and I've tested with 2 different ones. I also used the PdnRepair.exe and restarted my whole system.

Please, I was using Paint.net just yesterday and didn't have this problem and it's driving me mad!
Thanks in advance!

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