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Board Game: All in Paint.Net


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Greetings everyone,


I have been using Paint.Net for a long while now, more than 5 years, perhaps closer to 10? I think it was back in late version 2 or early version three. Regardless, I have been making pieces for a board game that I have been constructing for vassal, a virtual board game playing and building program. All my image files (and there are literally hundreds and hundreds when taken all together, perhaps over a thousand, but certainly thousands upon thousands of layers) were created using Paint.Net. I can tell that the program has improved, because I was pushing the program's limit in pre 4 versions. 



Game in Vassal


Various cards and things


Battle Board



The game is playable, the above is from my first vassal and fully Paint.NET "loaded" testrun, which is my second test run. The first being from cardboard cutouts... lots of work, but so was this in Paint.Net- but much more visually pleasing. 

Whether or not this goes anywhere, it does not matter- Paint.Net has given me a useful tool to putts around with, making my board game test run fun, while making a board game more complicated than a board game ought- unless your aiming for the old World War II board games... thousands of pieces..., probably hundreds of pages of rules. 


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