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Minor forum usability issue (okay even more minor than I thought)

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I don't know if this is something forum admins even have power over (is there a setting somewhere, or is something just broken at Invision side?), but the page up/down keys don't work anywhere on these forums. Tested Chrome and Edge, no difference. I can't remember for certain but I may have checked Firefox too, but I don't usually have it around.


Scrolling with mouse wheel is fine but I don't use a physical mouse generally (long story) and my brain always gets confused when I have to use the emulated scroll wheel instead of pg up/down only for this forum.


The same problem does *not* happen on other Invision forums I visit, so I have no idea what's causing it. Can't see any kind of keyboard hooks for the keys either, not that I'm very adept with browser dev console stuff.


Haha disregard that it was my Autohotkey page up/page down for paint.net getting confused by the forum window title, I should change the window matching mode to something more strict. On the plus side I wouldn't have figured it out if I didn't see weird characters pop up while typing into this very message field and checking that page up/down do nothing...


The below point still stands but it's even more minor:


Visiting on a mobile device, the sidebar that you log in through opens *outside the right side* of the screen with no indication it's there (Chrome, Android), took me a long while to figure out.


Of course these aren't huge problems, and if the answer is "no idea what's up, sorry", that's fine.

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