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Fatal Print Error's due to OFFLINE Printer - RESOLVED

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Mine is doing the same thing, most current version Paint.net.  

I noted that the moment when the print dialog opens, its pointing at a previously used Brother printer that is now offline, and throws the error.   Paint.net should not crash fatally by simply opening the print dialog when the last used printer is now offline.    No other windows program behaves this way.    BACKGROUND,   I printed to a printer at a customer site that I will never see again so there is no way to open the print dialog successfully with that printer online anymore.  If it was, then I could SWITCH printers to a currently valid one.   How can i CLEAR the Paint.net last used printer?   Is there a DLL or file to empty out, or must I do complete uninstall?   Will an uninstall remove ALL previously used settings?

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I did get past this finally.

went to C:\Windows\System32\Spool\PRINTERS and deleted ALL OBJECTS in that folder.

Started Paint.net, went to print and even though it showed the old offline printer in the selector, it no longer had any fatal errors.  

Was able to select the new printer, and after almost a minute it finally linked to the new online printer.

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