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3.36 bug, paste still highlighted can't save

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Just upgraded to "Final Release build 3.36.3158.38068". If I copy something into the clipboard, say a screen shot for example. Open paint.net, ctrl-n enter, ctrl-v. Now I have a new document with the contents of the clipboard pasted and still selected (dancing ants). Then go to File -> Save or File -> Save As. Have tried both jpg and png type, after you type a name for the file and hit enter paint.net locks up. I never see the preview window to choose bit-depth. Have to force quit paint.net to recover.

If I do the same procedure but unselect the pasted image before going to File -> Save.. it works correctly.


p.s. If it helps this is on a Lenovo T61p, 2.50 GHz Core2 Duo T9300, 3 GB of RAM and plenty of disk space >100 GB free

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