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integrated windows shell (edit) error

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When installing Paint.Net the option to make Paint.Net default jpg/png/tga-editor is selected by default. I have installed and later uninstalled IrfanView after this. When doing so, IrfanView sets the view/open/edit-properties for images files back to windows default. This resultning in Paint.Net no longer beeing started when right-clicking on an image-file and selecting 'edit' from the pop-up menu.

I tried to fix this by going to (windows) folder options > file types and changing back the file type action 'edit' to be used with Paint.Net. The problem is when doing this, Paint.Net can't properly open images, or images in folder(s) containing spaces in the file or folders name, example: (notice the spacing) "C:\Documents and Settings\...\image.jpg" or "C:\image 01.jpg" (This should normally work, right?)

Trying to open an image like this will result in: "The image type is not recognized, and cannot be opened. " Obviously Paint.Net trying to open the file "C:\Documents" or "C:\image" instead of the full path/file-names above.

Re-installing Paint.Net didn't help.

PS. Opening images like in the example above does work with right-click-file-pop-up menu 'Open With' > Paint.Net but I want to be able to use 'edit' which is so much faster.

Is it fixable?


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Oh brother.

It seams I was able to fix this myself using some logic sense.

The performed action line shouldn't just be: [ "C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\PaintDotNet.exe" %1 ], it has to be quotation marks at %1 aswell, like this:

"C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\PaintDotNet.exe" "%1"
(notice the quotation marks)


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